Starting Point Membership Class


This Starting Point Membership Class was designed to help you discern God’s will concerning your place at Victory, as well as provide you with a scriptural basis upon which to make your commitment to membership. Therefore, completion of the class is necessary for you to become a member.

Starting Point is provided for those in our church who have recently joined our membership through baptism or who are interested in learning more about becoming a member of Victory Baptist Church. Since the issues being dealt with and the subjects being taught are of such a critical nature with respect to the purpose and values of Victory Baptist Church, we ask that those interested in church membership personally attend each of the four sessions offered. We are aware of the tremendous challenge this may be for some, so if your schedule makes this requirement impossible, then please contact the church to visit with us about possible options. This class is offered as a four week class on Sunday mornings.

Starting Point includes the following subjects:

Session 1 | Exploring Membership at Victory Baptist Church

Session 2 | Our Doctrine: The Core Beliefs of Our Church

Session 3 | Our Priorities: The Values that Shape Our Church

Session 4 | Our Community: The Commitments We Make to Each Other