Pastor Jonathan's Ministry Goals for 2021

  Teaching & Preaching  
    -With God’s help, read at least 2 books on preaching.
    -With God’s help, preach through Lamentations to help our congregation better understand biblically lamenting.
    -With God’s help, provide opportunities for men to be equipped to teach, and give opportunities to teach.
    -With God’s help, develop and implement a monthly teaching and preaching calendar.
    -With God’s help, visit every member in their home at least once in the year to provide care and encouragement.
    -With God’s help, equip a church member to serve as the Hospitality Team Director, to oversee the administrative aspects of the Hospitality Team.
    -With God’s help, promote Finding Hope in God through monthly member testimonies in Worship Services.
    -With God’s help, develop the habit of writing Thank You Cards to those I recognize using their gifts to serve God and Victory Baptist Church.
  Men’s Ministry  
    -With God’s help, schedule, communicate, and have monthly leadership meetings with Deacons and Trustees.
    -With God’s help, organize and promote a men’s weekly gathering for Bible reading and prayer.
    -With God’s help, look for opportunities to meet with men outside of church gatherings for times of encouragement and accountability.
  Outreach & Follow-Up  
    -With God’s help, establish relationships with those outside our church family with the hopes of engaging in a spiritual dialogue and presentation of the Gospel.
    -With God’s help, make weekly connections with First Time Guests to our services as well as Absentees through phone calls, texts, emails, visits.
    -With God’s help, launch a process to help church members connect with First Time Guests and follow up on church family.
  Missions Representative to Brazil  
    -With God’s help, make monthly connections with Brazilian Missionaries through phone calls, texts, and emails, for the purpose of encouragement.
    -With God’s help, begin the process for planning a trip to Brazil to visit the Brazilian missionaries on the field.
    -With God’s help, make plans to attend yearly BBFI Missions Field Representative meetings.